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Braided instrument cable "Acoustic". Straight↔Straight (Cod:ATX)
"For musicians who leave nothing to chance"

The new special edition model from Western Cable - "WESTERN ACOUSTIC"
A high quality, quiet cable, designed with braided polyester yarn in elegant warm-tone copper appearance.
Designed for use with your acoustic instruments but also performs beautifully with electric instruments.

3 meters (9.84 F)
6 meters (19.685 F)

With its period tweed braiding the vintage series is a High quality cable with a unique look. Silent Cable with a wire gauge of 0,25 mm and a 6mm thick supersoft pvc jacket with noise reducer carbon coverage that also increases conductivity. High quality Western connectors.

Special Features:
-Western connectors with anodized shell and gold-plated plug.
-Braided with durable polyester yarn in elegant warm-tone copper appearance.
-Performs beautifully with both acoustic and electric instruments.