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1.1. This Privacy Policy applies to the use of each of the "Services", offered or made available to Internet Users by Western Cables Store "The Company", through the website www.westerncablesstore.com - Western Cables Store "Store".

1.2. If necessary, the Company may add to the Privacy Policy, information and / or specific terms and conditions, in relation to a specific Service.

1.3. The use of the Services made by the "Users of the Site" expresses the full and unreserved acceptance, by them, of each and every one of the clauses of the Privacy Policy in the version published by the Company at the same time. in which Users use the Services. Therefore, the Privacy Policy will constitute a valid and binding agreement between the Users and the Company. Likewise, the use of the Services expresses the full and unreserved acceptance of the Users of the "Terms and Conditions" published by the Company at www.westerncablesstore.com that are complemented by the Privacy Policy.

1.4. The Company may modify the Privacy Policy at any time. The modifications that are introduced will be notified through: publication of the new version in www.westerncablesstore.com, and / or by email message addressed to the User with a link to www.westerncablesstore.com

1.5. Users accept that they will be notified of any modification to the Privacy Policy, once the Company has published them on www.westerncablesstore.com. Therefore, the Users who continue to use the Services, once the new version is published, shall be considered as having accepted, the modifications to the Privacy Policy. Consequently, Users must: check www.westerncablesstore.com periodically; and / or read any email message that is sent by the Company with any modification or new version.

1.6. The Company assigns a very important role to the privacy of Users' personal data.

1.7. If you have questions regarding the Privacy Policy, please contact us by e-mail at: [email protected]



2.1. Western Cables Store www.westerncablesstore.com is an Online Store, through which the Company sells Products of its own manufacture.

2.2. All products published on www.westerncablesstore.com have been previously tested and controlled with rigorous quality controls that ensure their perfect assembly and operation.



3.1. Users accept that the Company may collect information about the behavior of its Users using cookies, tags and other methods such as the information provided by those mentioned when registering at Western Cables Store www.westerncablesstore.com

a) A cookie is a small text file by which an internet browser can be uniquely identified, and which is usually installed, sent or written on the Users' computer, when they enter certain internet sites, in order to automatically obtain information about Users when they browse these sites. A cookie file will generally contain the name of the domain from which the cookie was transferred, the creation date, and an identification code. The only personal information that a cookie can contain is information that the Users themselves provide when browsing the Internet, such as the IP address, the pages visited and in what order, the time spent on each page, date, time, etc. . - "Activity Information" -. A cookie cannot read data from Users' hard drives, nor can they read cookie files created by other internet sites.

b) A tag is a small image located on an Internet site so that the owner of the site, or a third party, can monitor who is looking at it, collecting their IP address, the URL of the page from where it comes and the moment in that was seen. These tags can be used together with cookies.

3.2 The Company may collect information from Users to improve the quality of its services by storing User preferences and by monitoring behavioral trends, for example, the type of search for offers they carry out. Also for advertising services, in order to collaborate with advertisers to provide and manage promotions and offers of their goods and / or services on the internet.

3.3. Likewise, the Company may collect the number or IP (Internet Protocol) address of the Users in order to improve the quality of the service provided through the Western Cables Store. The storage by the Company of the IP number of the Users' devices allows them to be identified when they enter their individual accounts. It also makes it easier to diagnose any connection problems that may exist between them with Western Cables Store, improving the quality of the Services. For this purpose, the IP (Internet Protocol) number or address is understood to be the numerical identification that distinguishes an electronic computing device (be it a computer, a personal telephone with access to networks, a tablet, a PDA, etc.) that connects to a computer network (for example the Internet).

3.4. The Company may request the Users: their E-mail Address, Password, Name and Surname; Phone; Direction; Postal Code / City; and the information about the Payment Method (s), as defined in the "Terms and Conditions" tab.

3.5. With the exception of information related to the Chosen Payment Methods, the Company will not store or collect the information and data of the Users' means of payment such as the numbers of the credit cards or bank accounts, etc. Said information will be stored and / or collected on the servers of the Collection Networks, defined in the "Terms and Conditions", the Company not having access to it or to said servers.



4.1. The Company may collect information from Users using cookies and / or labels, exclusively when Users visit Western Cables Store, an advertising notice, placed on its "Site". The information that the Company collects may include browsing behavior, IP address, logs and other types of information. However, the Company will not collect directly identifiable personal information from any User using the aforementioned cookies or tags.

4.2. The Company will use the information provided by the Users, and that collected by the Company, in order to provide better services to the User who tries to adjust to their needs. The Company will establish more effective communications with the Users in order to send them information of interest and different offers and promotions of its own Products and / or those of the Suppliers.

4.3. The Company will use the information provided by the Users, and that collected by the Company to the fines of receiving the transfers of the Price of the Offers Acquired by them.

4.4. The Company will use the information provided by Users, and that collected by the Company, to send offers and promotions to Users, as well as notifications, news and news of interest, in addition to those that have the character of notifications of an institutional nature or legal.

4.5. The Company will use the information provided by the Users, and that collected by the Company, to analyze the behaviors and behaviors of the Users, their geographical locations, their customs and / or consumption preferences, in order to improve their services and provide them with better solutions to your needs.

4.6. The Company will use the information provided by the Users, and that collected by the Company to determine their concerns and commercial preferences in order to provide them with a better approach to the products they require according to their needs.

4.7. The Company may share the information with other service companies or Internet sites dedicated to evaluating the behavior of Internet Users or similar in order to improve the quality of their services. In general, these companies or internet sites have their own data privacy policies for the purposes of your protection. Notwithstanding this, the Company will use its best efforts so that the privacy of the shared information is protected in the best possible way. In certain cases, the Company will try to sign express agreements on data protection and information privacy. Notwithstanding this, the Company will not be responsible for the damages caused by such companies and / or internet sites in terms of their duty of protection, confidentiality and privacy of the data they handle.

4.8. The Company will use the information provided by the Users, and that collected by the Company if requested by courts, or national or international state agencies that so require and request it in the corresponding manner.

4.9. The Company will not be obliged to retain the information during any established period and will resolve its elimination when it deems it appropriate.



5.1. The Company will not sell, rent or trade any personal information to any third party for promotional purposes. Anyone who has provided personal contact information through Western Cables Store, may send an email to [email protected] in order to update, correct or delete their personal contact information. The Company will respond to said request within 20 (twenty) days after receiving it via email.

5.2. Western Cables Store uses cookies to record User patterns. In the event that any Western Cables Store User does not wish to accept these cookies, they may configure their browser to grant them the option to accept each cookie and reject the ones they do not want. Western Cables Store may also use analysis tools: cookies, log files and tags.

5.3. Western Cables Store may contain links to other internet sites that are not owned by the Company. Consequently, it will not be responsible for the actions of said internet sites, to which this Privacy Policy will not apply. We recommend reviewing the privacy policy detailed on those internet sites, to understand the information collection procedures they use and how they protect your personal data.

5.4. The provisions of the Privacy Policy will also apply to Western Cables Store Users, whether or not they are duly registered.



6.1. Western Cables Store and / or the Services it provides are allowed only to those who are of legal age to contract and are not legally inhibited or in any way prohibited from exercising legal acts, rights and / or obligations. Given this, minors under the age of 18 are not allowed to enter the Western Cables Store and the Services or to supply any personal data or other information.

6.2. Likewise, since minors may not properly understand the Privacy Policy and its implications, or validly decide on the options available through its services and / or website, the Company recommends that all parents or representatives, tutors or adults under whose supervision are minors who access Western Cables Store and / or the Services, to actively and carefully participate in the activities that the minor performs on the internet, to the online services used by said minors, to the information to which they access, whether when said minors visit Western Cables Store or any other third party site, to teach and guide them in how to protect their own personal information while they are browsing the Internet.



7.1. The Company has adopted reasonable security measures to protect Users' information, and to prevent unauthorized access to their data or any unauthorized modification, disclosure or destruction thereof. The information collected by the Company will be kept strictly confidential, specifically, the information that Western Cables Store obtains from Facebook by users who register or log in through the Facebook connect application. Access to personal data is restricted to those employees, contractors and representatives of the Company who need to know such data to perform their functions and develop or improve our services. The Company requires the same standards of confidentiality from its suppliers. The Company does not allow access to this information to third parties outside the Company, with the exception of an express request from the User.

7.2. Notwithstanding the foregoing, considering that the Internet is an open system, of public access, the Company cannot guarantee that unauthorized third parties cannot eventually overcome the security measures and use the information of the Users improperly.



8.1 The Company reserves the right to transfer the information collected in the event of the sale or merger of the Company, or an acquisition of its main assets, or any other kind of transfer that the Company makes to another entity. In this case, the Company must adopt the necessary measures in order to ensure that said information is used in a manner consistent with the Privacy Policy.



9.1. Most browsers are configured to accept cookies, but Users will be able to reconfigure their Internet browser to reject all cookies or for the system to indicate when one is sent. However, if cookies are disabled, some features and services of Internet sites may not work properly.

9.2. The Company will do everything possible to provide Users about whom it has collected or stored personal information, access to their personal data, as well as the rectification, modification or updating thereof, or even the cancellation of said personal data, except that the Company is obliged or has the right to keep them in accordance with the legislation that corresponds to comply.

a) For this purpose, Users must send their Request by sending an email with the subject "Access to Personal Data" to [email protected]. The Company may require Users to identify themselves, as well as to indicate the personal data they want to access, rectify or remove.

b) The Company may reject the processing of requests that are repetitive, that require a disproportionate technical effort, that endanger the privacy of other Users, that are considered impractical, or for which it is not necessary to access the data. .

c) The service of access, rectification and removal of personal data will be provided by the Company free of charge, except in the event that it requires a disproportionate or unreasonable technical effort, in which case an administration fee may be charged.



10.1 However, any other provision to the contrary in the Privacy Policy, the Company may disclose certain personal information of Users, when it believes in good faith that such disclosure is reasonably necessary to: avoid legal liability; comply with a legal requirement such as a search warrant, a subpoena, a court order; comply with a requirement of a governmental or regulatory authority; protect the rights, property or safety of the Company, Users, or a third party.



11.1 The Company may modify this Privacy Policy if it deems it appropriate. When the modifications are very important, in relation to the treatment of personal data collected by virtue of the Services, they will be notified by publishing a prominent notice on this page. In the event that the User wishes to be notified via email of said modifications, they must send an email with the subject "List of Privacy Policy Changes" to [email protected] from the email address in which you want to receive notifications notifications.



12.1. If you have any questions about the Privacy Policy, or about its application, they must contact us at any time at [email protected]